Future Meetings

Meetings held at the Wilmette Public Library

1242 Wilmette Ave, Wilmette, IL 60091

 Wednesdays @ 7:00-8:30pm


2019 meeting dates:

Sept 11/Oct 9/Nov 13/Dec 11


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September 11 – Bill Sargent discusses the latest JDRF funded T1D Immunotherapies

JDRF is striving to accomplish a feat that has never been achieved before: permanently turning off an autoimmune response in humans. The JDRF Immunotherapy Program aims to turn off the deadly attack against beta cells that causes type 1 diabetes (T1D). We power groundbreaking research and development of new therapies that will stop the autoimmune attack at its earliest stages.  Read more here.

OCTOBER 9 – Dr. Grazia Aleppo, Endocrinologist at Northwestern Hospital, will share her passion for t1d technology!

Dr. Aleppo’s primary clinical interest is Diabetes and Technology and the application of the use of Insulin pump Therapy and real Time Continuous glucose monitoring sensor therapy.


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